Tracy German

Waokiya Win - Itancan, Waokiye, Wowapi Kage

Mohawk Oyate etanhan Tracy German he ikce wicasta owanyanka pi wasteste ota kage. Winyan kin itancan icikage 13×30 min. Hehanyan owanyankapi wan, Makoce Owanuspe Ikceke kage. Wana de omaka sakonwin hehanyan wicota toktokca unci makoce ataya tuwewe kici wohdake. Koka wayaka pi tokaha makazita ohomini ehana tokedked wicoh’an oninya unpi hed tanyan wayaka pi kte cinke. Ikce wicasta naka waunsida. Dakod wicoiye etanhan ed wayaka pi otanin. Tracy German he Haudenosaunee/Dakota ite icupi hed ohna wicoh’an ece ic’ic’u. Wild Archaeology he iye itancan. Tokaha iye kage. Wild Archaeology he tawacin etanhan kage tokaha. Tracy he Pratts hena wotakuye hunka owasena waohoda wicaye. Winyanpi kin dena hunka wicaye. Wana waniyetu topa stodkiciyapi.

Tracy he dakota cage wicak’upi ye. Waokiya Win cazeyatapi ye. Waokiye Win he, Iha Waste Win, Zitkazi Wastewin kici Wiwanyake wacipi,k’a Sissitonwi, Wipazoka Wakpa (Sioux Valley). Hehan nakun Curtis Mckay,Bring Back Ones Spirit, Nag’i Kici Hdohi,bdoketu 2019, okiye. Iza sunka wakan akantu inyankahe. Battle of Little Big Horn wokiksuye. Itokab, Waokiya Win, tanhan wayawa. M.F.A.film production, York wayawatipi etanhan,k’a Media Arts wowapi iyoh’piya yuhe. Winyankin de nina ksapa. Wikcemna num som tona hehanya wayawa. Wasicu ekta Artistic Creation he un waniyetu tona nakun yuhe.

Sheridan College etanhan wowapi k’upi. Owanyankapi wasteste wayawa tipi ed, York. Dena Tracy German owasina wicakahnige pi. Omaka wikcemna num wicoh’an ic’ic’u. Taku incun kin hena nina wayupike. Koka wayaka pi k’a owanyankipi cistina kin hena nakun pazo pi.

Sunka Wakan otipi hed icage Ontario, Canada cokaya ed. Tracy dehan wayawa wicakiye Sheridan College ed. Media Fundamentals k’a Bachelor of Film k’aTelevision BFTV Owanyanka pi.

Laura Pratt
Dakota Versioning

Laura Pratt he May 10th, 1956 icage. Atkuku cazeyata kin Reverand Donald Pratt he e. Hunku kin is Beatrice Pratt eciyapi. 2006 he ehan Donald he ateyapi tipi etanhan Order of Manitoba wicakupi. Nakun he waniyetu kin ed unsni. Iha Waste win, Wipazoka Wakpa hed icage. Now known as Sioux Valley. Iyokipiya hed icage, tka tohantu wan waniyetu numpa ehanki wan, wayanze ke hinhda. Pezuta Wicasta wan wahoyapi, Itokag’ata heciyatahan. He Laura wapiye, k’a nagi cazeyata k’u. Iha Waste Win eciyapi hetanhan. Laura he Dakota winyan. Atkuku k’a hunku kin, napin unspewicaunkiyapi. Oceti Sakowin hena unspewicaunkiyapi. Makoce ataya omani un. Wiwanyang wacipi enana wokicye skan. Waniyetu wikcemna topa hehanya makoce ataya skan. Waziyata, itokagata,Dakota, Hehan Ina Makoce, Manitoba, Saskatchewan ko, hena omani un. Iha Waste Win he wicoie hena Wild Archaeology wicoie un owicakiye iyokipipi. Waniyetu topa wicoh’an unk’unpi kin oqicaunkipi ye. Oyate makoce ataya dena wayakapi kte, waste ye. Pidamayaye.

Niki Thorne


Niki Thorne is the lead writer for Season 2 of Wild Archaeology and a PhD candidate in anthropology at York University.

Originally from the east coast, Niki lived on a Mi’kmaq reserve in Nova Scotia as a child. She was completely oblivious to the colonial threads that shaped her childhood. Niki attended school in Shubenacadie, but didn’t learn about the Shubenacadie residential school until perhaps a decade later in a second-year anthropology class, with the accompanying realization that some of the people she loved and considered family must have gone there. A few years after that,her grandfather disclosed his Mi’kmaq heritage after decades of silence. (Click below to read more)

Niki’s doctoral research explores the process by which colonial violence is silenced or downplayed in dominant representations of the Canadian past, as well as implications for the present and connections to racism, power, and identity. Her research on colonial silences and commitment to decolonization is deeply personal, shaped by her childhood experiences and family history.

Jonathon Elliot


JONATHAN ELLIOTT is a Tuscarora filmmaker from the Six Nations Reserve in Ontario. Since attending York University’s Film Production program, he has worked as a director and cinematographer on a variety of projects including: Even in the Silence (Voices with Impact funded short film, entirely in the Mohawk language), Taken Home (Toronto Arts Council funded film), Her Water Drum (imagineNATIVE commissioned film), Wild Archaeology (APTN TV series), This Wild Season (imagineNATIVE 2017 film festival), Blood Child (Blood in the Snow film festival), Teens 101 (CHCH broadcast), Glitch, Two Wolves and Fantome. (Click below to read more)

Jonathan’s award-winning work has been nationally broadcast and screened at various film festivals internationally in New Zealand, Italy, Germany, the United States and Canada.

Jonathan was the 2018 artist-in-residence for the imagineNATIVE/CSV development program. He was selected as one of the Emerging 20 artists at the 2018 Reel World Film Festival and has been the recipient of grants through the Toronto Arts Council, imagineNATIVE, Taking it Global and Art With Impact to produce his work.

Currently, Jonathan is in development on several projects including his first feature film.

Mikelle Virey


MIKELLE VIREY is an actor and director with an Honours degree in Theatre and Classics from the University of Toronto. He spent several years acting in plays, films and commercials before deciding he wanted to play a larger role in the stories he was helping to tell. After graduating Sheridan College’s Advanced Television and Film Program, Mikelle went on to direct several award-winning series including Kid’s Town, 2nd Generation, and the comedy pilot Coming Distractions,awarded best Comedy/Dramedy Short and best Ensemble Cast at the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival. In addition to these achievements as well as his contributions as co-director on APTN’s Wild Archaeology, Mikelle has a number of projects in development, and he is currently focused on directing his own original screenplay.

Spencer Idenouye
Digital Media Producer

Spencer holds a BFA in Media Arts & Digital Technologies and two post-graduate diplomas in Directing and Editing in Advanced Television and Film and Computer Animation Digital Visual Effects. His expertise includes directing, editing, VFX artistry, cinematography, digital content production and motion capture. Spencer is also the Virtual Production Lead at Sheridan’s Screen Industries Research and Training Center where he provides leadership and expertise in applied research and technical research for the film, television and gaming industries, and is focused on the application of VR technologies.

Mike Patterson

With over 15 years’ experience in post production, Mike Patterson is a Canadian editor who has worked on a number of series across a variety of genres. Mike began his career in advertising before making the switch to documentary and non-fiction television, where he is able to play a larger role shaping narrative and bringing stories to life. Passionate about storytelling, Mike is drawn to working with remarkable people to tell insightful stories with creativity, suspense, and stunning visual style.

The Team

Tracy German

Producer | Director | Writer

Niki Thorne

Lead Writer | Researcher

Spencer Idenouye

Digital Media Producer

Owen Deveney

Director of Photography

Jon Elliot

2nd Unit Director | Camera Operator

James Lazerenko

Location Sound

Heena Singh

Business Affairs Manager

Mike Patterson

Picture Editor | Story Editor

Mikelle Virey

Assistant Picture Editor | Post Production Supervisor

Kyle Parry

Production Manager

Karen Hanson

Writer | Researcher

Jason Hunter

Digital Media Designer

Michelle Irving

Dialogue Editor | SFX Editor | Re-recording Mixer

Laura D. Pratt

Dakota Translation / Dakota Voiceover

Audrey Pratt

Dakota Voiceover

Donna Pratt

Dakota Voiceover

Curtis McKay

Dakota Voiceover

Alvina Ross

Dakota Voiceover

Suzy Queen

Post-Production Coordinator

Bedtracks Music Inc.


Robert McAllister


SIM International Post

Post-Production Facility | Closed Captioning