The archaeological record of the First Peoples of North America is scattered, fragmented, and could be lost forever.

De owanyakapi wicastapi kin iyohpiya owapi hece Ikce Wicastapi Makoce ataya wiconi yuhapi kin hena tohnihna akiktujapi kte sni.

Guided by Indigenous archaeologist, Dr. Rudy Reimer (Squamish), and two adventure loving co-hosts Jenifer Brousseau (Ojibway/French) and Jacob Pratt (Dakota/ Saulteaux), we are taken on a Vision Quest through the mountains, waterways, plains, and Arctic landscapes of Canada’s ancient archaeological record to discover first-hand the untold story of the original peoples of North America. For the first time in archaeological history twelve thousand years of human inhabitation of this land is vividly brought to life through thirteen episodes of Wild Archaeology.

Tokaha, Dr. Rudy Reimer kte, Squamish oyate, hehan Jacob Pratt, Dakota/Saulteaux, hehan Jenifer Brousseau,Ojibway/French.  Iyohpiya dena hekin, mni tanka ohna, tinte ohna, waziyata makoce ataya omani unpi kte.  Makoce otanka, unci makoce ataya omani, kinyan unpi kte.  Makoce Owaunspe kin de waunyakapi kin de kiktopanuge ake yamni hehanya pazopi kte ye.

Wild Archaeology is the first documentary television series to explore the archaeological record of Canada’s Indigenous peoples from the point of view of Indigenous peoples.  

Based on seven years of extensive research in consultation with Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal archaeologists, the series took two years to film, often in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

Ikce wicasta makoce ataya etanhan pi kin hena iye de tokaha owanyakapi kte. Makoce Owaunspe, ded tokaha Ikce Wicasta pi kin owanyankapi kaga pi. Woyukcan otehike iyohpiya iyukcan pi. Ikce wicasta makoce ataya Dakota pi qa wasicu pi hena iyohpiya waecun pi. Waniyetu num hehanyan owanyankapi kin de kaga pi.

Wild Archaeology positions itself as a part of a paradigm shift that has occurred throughout the world that recognizes the vital importance of consulting and partnering with archaeologists, anthropologists and Indigenous studies researchers of Aboriginal origin.

We have consciously reflected this approach in the series through our commitment to engage in Aboriginal community outreach in each of the locales/settings and through the related topics that we focused on.

Ito deced waunyanka pi, Makoce Owaunspe pi Maka Zita ohomni qa tukted Ikce Wicasta pi tipi kin, Makoce Owanunspe pi huhu iwanyanka wicasta pi qa Dakota pi kin oninya pi kin hena teunhinda pi

Tokiya unyanpi kin aes Ikce Wicasta pi otipi kin hena tohokiye waohoda unspeiciciyapi.  Hece taku icununk’unpi kin hena iyohpiya iyokipi pi kte.

Wild Archaeology is also the first TV series in the world to be versioned to the Dakota language!

Aboriginal languages are disappearing at an alarming rate across North America. We hope that this website and the versioned TV series will provide further immersion and opportunities for the Dakota language to be seen and heard around the world.  

As well, each episode in the series explores a distinct culture and features an animated Oral Story in the language of the community we explored: Squamish (Squamish, B.C.), Dene (White River, YK.)  Inuvialuit  (Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T.), Ojibwe  (Manitoulin, ON), Heiltsuk  (Central Coast, B.C.) Cree (Blackfoot, AB) and Innu Aimun   (Labrador, NFLD).

Owanyanka pi de Makoce Owaunspe Ikceke, owanyanka pi kin de, Dakota wicoiye unpi kin tokaha kaga pi.

Ikce Wicasta ia pi kin itab unkakiktuja pi.  Wicota wana wasicu eceda ia pi.  De owanyanka pi kin ihnunah oyate kin yawa pte kin owicakiya pi kte.  Hece tohnina unkiktuja pi kte sni.

Heca un he owanyanka pi wanjigji Ikce Wicasta Wicoiye toktokce unspaspaya hed ohna kaga pi.  Ikce Wicasta tuktekted tipikin hena wicoiye hena yuha pi kin hena unpi.  Dakod oyate pi kin hena:  Squamish Oyate (Squamish, B.C.), Dene Oyate (White River, YK.)  Inuvialuit (Mackenzie Delta, N.W.T.), Ojibwe (Manitoulin, ON), Heiltsuk (Central Coast, B.C.)  Cree (Blackfoot, AB) qa Innu Aimun (Labrador, NFLD).

Please join us on this exciting journey…

Omaniya ataya unk’unpi kin hena itoes nija yau pi kinhan wastekte…

Dr. Rudy Reimer (Yumks)

Squamish Nation

Jenifer Brousseau

Ojibway-Anishnaabe Nation

Jacob Pratt

Dakota/Saulteaux Nation

The Hosts

Iwohdakapi kte hena

Meet our show Hosts and learn a bit more about each of them

Wohdakapi kte hena wandakpi kte. Makoce owaunspe kin iwohdakapi kte, anagopta unkanpi kte. Taku ota wasteste wandakapi kte ye.

The Producers

Koka Owanyanka pi Itancan

The show leaders

Owanyanka pi Itancan Pi

Tracy German
Producer | Director | Writer

Ian Thompson
Producer | Director

Karen Hanson
Producer | Writer

The Team

Iyohpiya Waecun Pi Kin

More about those from behind the camera

Iteicupi koka oma ecetanhan nakun iwohdakapi kte ye.

Ben Addelman

Liam Maloney
Director of Photography

Chris DeRosa
Director of Photography

Dustin Rivers
Camera Operator

Jon Elliot
Camera Operator

James MacDonald
Location Sound

Sammy Yi
Location Sound

Kyle Parry
Production Manager

Mike Patterson
Picture Editor

Ian Daly
Junior Editor

Stephen Barden
Supervising Sound Editor

Marc Bachli – Pixel Underground
Post Production House

Spencer Kenji Idenouye
Digital Media Project Manager

Jason Hunter
Digital Media Designer

Tracy German
Digital Media Producer

Ian Thompson
Digital Media Producer

Karen Hanson
Digital Media Producer

Jean-Louis Rivard
Digital Media Producer

Laura Pratt
Dakota Translation / Voice Actor

Audrey Pratt
Dakota Voice Actor

Donna Pratt
Dakota Voice Actor

Robert McAllister

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Owanyakapi wastekin de wicastapi tokanhan owicakiyapi

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