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The Big Kill

Oktepi Tanka

Episode 10 Synopsis

The team flies to Alberta, where they meet with respected Piikani elder Dr. Reg Crowshoe to learn about the sacred relationship between the buffalo and the ancient people of the Prairies. They then head to the world famous Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, where archaeologist Jack Brink takes them step by step through the most spectacular and successful food-getting enterprise ever devised.

Owanyanka pi Owikcemna – Iyohpiya Wayaka pi

Witaya Alberta heciya kinyan iyayapi. Hed wicahca wan, Dr. Reg Crowshoe, kci wohdakapi. Piikani oyate etanhan. Hed ipi unkan tokedked he ikce wicasta, tatankapi nipi kin unspeic’ic’iyapi. Oyate kin tinte etanhanpi. Hetanhan Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump ed ipi. Makoce owaunspe wan he, Jack Brink wohdake. Tokedked he woyute un nipi kin he iwohdake. Tuweg owasna stedapi tokedked he oyate wihnipi kin.

Dr. Reg Crowshoe
Piikani Blackfoot Elder

Dr. Crowshoe’s Blackfoot name is Awakaaseena, which means Deer Chief. He is a descendant of the Piikani Nation of the Peigan Reserve in Southern Alberta and the Nez Perce Nation in Idaho. Reg maintains the lineage and Blackfoot identity through the traditions of the Thunder Pipe, Sun Dance and Society ceremonies.


Dr. Reg Crowshoe
Siha Sapa Wicahceda

Dr. Crowshoe Siha Sapa cajeyata kin Awakaaseena.  Tahca Oposan cajeyata.  Oyate kin num etahan, tokaha kin he Peigan Oyate qa omankin he Nez Perce Oyate etanhan Idaho heciya.  Wocekiye yamni etanhan, wakinyan canupa, wayang waci pi qa oyate wocekiye un nin.

Symbols of earth and sky

Unci Makoce qa Mahpiya

The nomadic housing of the Plains was lightweight and portable. The painted area of the bottom skirt represents Mother Earth, and the pointed top, Father Sky, often showing seven stars. In between is the space of humans events – and the great drama of the Buffalo Hunt.

Ikce wicastapi kin tatanka mahed tipi se ecece. Kahdaya yanpi kte okpojada ya pi ce. Tipi hokuyata he Unci Makoce un taku owapi hehan wakantuyah”Mahpiya Ate” wicanhpi sakowin owapte hehan cokaya is hed taku wiconi tawapi kin icunpi hena owapi.


What a lot of people don’t know is, ‘Tipi’ is actually a word that means home or house.

Oyate wicote pi kin, wicoiye TIPI kin he oti pi cajeyata pi.

Jack Brink
Curator, Royal Alberta Museum; Author of “Imagining Head-Smashed-In.”


Ehana oti pi awanyanke Alberta Museum, “imagining Head Smashed In” wowapi kage.

At the edge of the Bison Plains

Tatanka Tinte ihanktunwe

An epic combination of theater, courage and skill were necessary to take on the great herds of bison occupying the Plains. The slow shifting herd was teased into the critical direction of the jump using smoke, dancing and drive lanes – forcing the pace faster and faster toward an invisible drop in the distance. Once the herd gained enough speed, the leaders couldn’t shift course; the herd’s momentum carried it over the edge – and then the real work of harvesting the kill began.

Ikce wicasta pi kin nina wayupikapi tatanka waoke pi kin hehan. Itokab waciba, qa ozidya pi qa tatanka pi kin okuwapi ce. Hehan t’e pi kahan hdupiya pi qa tanyan tanhan oyate kin wotapte.


Listening to the wisdom and the stories, it was a very very rich day for me.

Wicoiye wasteste qa woksape anagopta yanka pi waste.

Pemmican - Portable & Dense Nutrition

Wasna – Ihdaka Yapte Woite

The abundance of buffalo killed in the hunt presented its own dilemmas. In an age before refrigerators, how does one store that massive amount of meat before it goes bad? One innovative solution – that even prompted wars to control this valuable commodity – was Pemmican. Dried buffalo meat is pulverized, mixed with berries and buffalo fat and thus converted into a high-energy, very portable food.

Koka Sni yuhapi sni naka toked tado skumna kte sni hece wasna kagapi. Tatanka tadokin pusya pi qa canpa wihdi kici icahihiya pi.

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