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The Wild People

Ikce Wicastapi

Episode 1 Synopsis

Indigenous archaeologist Dr. Rudy Reimer meets co-hosts, Jenifer and Jacob, at his lab at S.F.U., where he outlines their first mission: to explore the southern B.C. alpine to learn about Squamish oral tradition and search for ancient artifacts from Rudy’s ancestral territory: home of the Wild People or Smaylilh. Jacob and Jen take a crash course in archaeological survey but which one of them will make the first big find?

Owanyanka pi Tokaha – Iyohpiya Wayaka pi

Dr. Rudy Reimer he ikce wicasta q’a Makoce owaunspe hece. Jenifer, Jacob kci, tukted wicohan tipi he omniciya wanji yuhapi:makoce B.C. kutuya waziyata hed Squamish oyate wan tokedked nipi kin iwayankapi kte skanpi. Rudy hed icage q’a oyate kin wiconi ic’ikage. Smaylilh is ikce wicasta hed tipi. Jacob Jen kci, cistiyeda ic’i owaunspepi. Wicohan ic’ikagapi kin he makoce owaunspe ed wayakapi. Tuktewanji taku tokaha iyeya kte hen?

The Mountain Goat Hunters

Tahca Cistina Pagdata Waoke


XRF: X-Ray Fluorescence

XRF shoots X-rays or gamma rays at a rock sample to disrupt the atoms in it, releasing electrons and making different radiation “fluoresce” from it.

XRF: X-Ray Petijanjan

XRF petijanjan kute is petijanjan akab takunkun cikcistina hce kin akab akan wicapazo pi.

Reading the DNA of Stones

XRF reveals a chemical or elemental signature of the sample, like the DNA of the rock. We can then trace the source by comparing it to known signatures from other locations.

Iyankin DNA Yawa pi

Inyan Cikcistina kin hena tanyanh iwayaka pte hece un he petijanjan kin he ed wayaka pi. Heced makoce toktokca, inyan toktokca hed tanyanh wayaka pte.


Ancient microblade technology

Kiktopanunge nina ota itokab he, inyan nina cikcistina woksape

Microblades were small conical or wedge-shaped fragments of stone that were used to create barbed spears and other tools and weapons. Lightweight and easier to replace than large points, they were perfect for early migrating hunters. The obsidian microblades the team finds on their alpine trek are unique because of the type of stone they are made of.

Inyan cistina kin hena inkpa yuke. Dena ikce wicastapi kin wihni is hokapsica wihnipi kte ca, waoke akipa mazakan ic’ikagapi wayupikapi. Wihnipi wicastapi kin ehanna taku ota unpi wihnipi kte kin han. Inkpa kitina tanka hena waoke itokab hena unpi. Inyan cikcistenakin hena waziyata wicastapi kin iyeyapi kin tokce.

"Who are the Smaylilh or Wild People?"

"Smaylilh is Ikce Wicasta Pi Hena tuwe pi han?"

Read Dr. Rudy’s paper here
Dr. Rudy wowapi tawa kin yawa pi ded

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