Tracy German

Waokiya Win Producer, Director, Writer

Tracy German is a Haudenosaunee / Dakota filmmaker and the lead creative force behind the award-winning documentary TV series Wild Archaeology. She has spent the last eight years researching, building trust and relationships with First Nations, Metis and Inuit, communities across this country to be able to create the first television series in the world that tells the deep history of the indigenous inhabitation of North American continent from an indigenous perspective. It is also the first series in the world to be versioned to the Dakota language.

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Throughout the making of Wild Archaeology, Tracy has become very close to the Pratt family and is now a younger sister to Laura, and Audrey Pratt, whose direct cultural knowledge has been an invaluable contribution to the series. Tracy attended Sundance and Pow Wows with Laura Pratt in Sioux Valley, Manitoba and Sisseton, South Dakota, as well as participated in the Ride for Sitting Bull. Her Dakota name is Waokiya Win, meaning ‘woman who helps the people’, or ‘woman who helps all.’

Tracy German holds an M.F.A. in film production from York University and a Media Arts diploma from Sheridan College. Her innovative career spans over twenty years of artistic creation. Her award-winning documentaries, experimental films, and installation projects have screened internationally, locally including cable television broadcasts. Raised on a rural horse farm in central Ontario Canada, Tracy currently is a full time Professor at Sheridan College in the Bachelor of Film and Television (BFTV) program.

Karen Hanson

Producer, Writer

Producer/Writer Karen Hanson brings a wide range of skills to Wild Archaeology with her diverse background in the Canadian cultural industry. She worked in book publishing for a number of years, most recently as an acquisitions editor for Harper Collins Canada, where she developed a list of critically acclaimed fiction and non-fiction titles that have sold internationally and been optioned for the screen.

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Within the film business, Karen is currently producing a 1-hour TV and feature-length documentary called Four Eyes, an international co-production with AVRO television in the Netherlands. She also co-wrote, directed and produced the award-winning Three Lives of Kate, which screened at over 35 festivals worldwide and aired on CBC and HBO. She recently completed Still Moves, a series of thematically linked films including An Even Briefer History of Time, which has shown at festivals worldwide and star, dust, which recently won a Platinum Remi at the 34th WorldFest Houston.

A former instructor in the Media Fundamentals program at Sheridan College, Karen has also worked as a script analyst for The Harold Greenberg Fund, Telefilm Canada and The Canadian Film Centre.

Ian Thomson

Producer, Director

Ian Thompson is currently a director and producer for Wild Archaeology, a 13-part series for APTN. As a filmmaker he has made a number of documentary and dramatic works for television including Pushing the Line: Art Without Reservations (BRAVO!), The Boor (Global), and Three Lives of Kate (CBC, HBO). He also produced Small Places, Small Homes and directed the award-winning documentary Fundamental Freedoms, both for OMNI Television.  In addition, Ian has directed and produced documentaries and permanent installations for the Royal Ontario Museum.

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A full-time professor in the Bachelor of Film and TV at Sheridan College, he teaches directing, business and production. Ian received his B.A. (Hon) in International Relations and European and Russian History at the University of Toronto and earned an M.F.A. in Film Production at York University. He is also a NAUI Scuba Instructor with a specialization in underwater cinematography.

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